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- SETI -
seti at home : Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Join the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
Radio telescopes arround the world are scanning the skies for the telltale proof of extraterrestrial intelligence: a radio transmission from another intelligent civilization! the problem is that the data collected is so enormous that it would take too long for the fastest supercomputers to sort and analyze through. Thats where you can help.

to run Seti@home you need the BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) program. This program also lets you run other projects in the background like those at the World community grid.

World Community Grid
World Community Grid

The World Community Grid's mission is to create the largest public computing grid benefiting humanity. Their work is built on the belief that technological innovation combined with visionary scientific research and large-scale volunteerism can change our world for the better. Their success depends on individuals - like you - collectively contributing your unused computer time to this not-for-profit endeavor.

Current projects that you can run:

-Genome Comparison
-Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy
-Help Defeat Cancer
-Human Proteome Folding 2

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FLIP design

The place where I work with
Abhay Toshniwal, Arvind Prabhakar, Vinil Rathnakaran, Subrat Sarkar and others.

A design studio comprising of a group of people with different skills and areas of interest.


The official website of the Srishti Underground. Started by me when i was at srishti... now abandoned but very much online.


Vabs is a classmate of mine from Srishti. Even though we both did communication design, his work is more in the realm of new media art. He's got a head for programming and electronics, currently he's doing further studies/work in New York.

    krafted logic
image to come soon

Gob is a classmate of mine from Srishti. he's a hell of a designer. after college he went and did a course in interaction design in italy. He's currently working freelance in bangalore.

  - Space Ship One -
spaceship one
First ever privately funded
spacecraft's first space flight.

Jasmine is a classmate of mine from Srishti. We were in the Foundation course together, she went on to do fine-arts.
She's been featured in the Feb2005 issue of India Today's Supplement Southern Spice; in an article on female photographers in south India.

blank noise

Blank Noise was initiated in August 2003 by Jasmeen Patheja from Bangalore and a small group of 9 participants, all girls.
Blank Noise started off as her final year student project while she was studying for a fine arts diploma at the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology.

The project was conceived as a personal reaction to street sexual harassment.

propel design

Propel design is a design firm run by my senior from college Devika Thukral. She was the personwho gave me my first paying freelance assignment. After college my first job was at Propel Design.

arun rajendran

Arun Rajendran's photolog .
Arun is a classmate of mine from Srishti. He's currently working as a professional photographer in bangalore.


sonia Jose

Sonia is a classmate of mine from Srishti. We were in the Foundation course together, she went on to do fine-arts. She is currently an artist living in bangalore. She and her husband Sunoj(also an artist) frequently have shows in bangalore, mumbai and other places. One of my more recent memories of her is when we did a Bronze Casting elective during the interim semester at college(they let you do stuff that is not directly related to your specialisation) while i was casting dragons and guys with battle axes stuck in their heads... she created this awesome bronze fly ...that had human fingers as its legs! I recently visited her show at the gallery Ske in bangalore. It was ... well it left me speachless.

On The Wall
at the gallery Ske

Article: Denouncing art market
by Marta Jakimowicz

“Back to Square 1 (this is all we have…)”
Art Review by Marta Jakimowicz

BACK TO SQUARE 1 (How far can we go?)
at the Kashi Art Gallery


shahana mehta

Shah is a classmate of mine from Srishti. We were in the Foundation course and the communication design course together. During those early years we often ended up on my moped rushing to printers to get prints in time for deadlines. Her final project was an awesome sound installation that had to do with the issue of abuse aginst women.
She is currently a designer living in bangalore, working at Idiom bangalore.

sunando chakraborty

sunando's old blog

Sunando is a junior of mine from srishti. he did finearts and currently works in an agency in kolkota. He had a really big comic and graphic novel collection, which he generosly let me go through.


narayan gopalan


Naru is a junior of mine from srishti. he did communication design, we had a few courses that we did in the same group. he currently works at R&K Bangalore. He was a very helpful guy to have around at college.

neha duggar
Online Portfolio

Neha is a classmate of mine from Srishti. We were in the Foundation course together, she went on to do fine-arts. She is currently at ECA in the UK. She is one of those people who have a natural affinity to technology. As an artist in the 20th century this sets her apart.

chandan crasta
Book Cover Design

chandan crasta

Chandan was a senior from srishti. We were in the same group that went on a field trip to Bhopal and Sanchi. He's a great illustrator and does some really nice book covers. Do take a look.


    abhishek hazra

Abhishek was in the same batch as Chandan. He was also in the group that went to Sanchi and Bhopal. He recently had an excellent solo show at an art gallery in bangalore. Some excellent prints and audio pieces. hope he puts something online soon.

Apostrophe Design

Surabhi is one of the first graphic design graduates from Srishti. Recently ended up at her website on the net, so here it is.

    Vinayak Verma
vinayak verma's blog

Vinayak was a Finearts student at srishti. he joined the institute about one year after me. We both graduated the same year though and we both happened to do books as our final projects.

Subrat Sarkar
logo coming

I've worked with Sarkar on various websites over the last two years. He's a really hardworking guy and is always figuring out new things to do online. Currently he's also a Joomla guru on one of the joomla forums.

Bala Murugan
logo coming

Ive worked with bala for over a year now, he's "the man" when it comes to actionscript and flash game development at Flip. A real workaholic, often spends nights at the office fixing bugs in the games he's working on.

    Trisham Dey
trisham's site

Trisham joined srishti in my second year of Foundation Studies. He already knew he wanted to do furniture design. we went on 2 field trips together, one to Sanchi (see the Journal from that trip) and one to Pattamadai. He even stayed in one of my spare rooms for a few months while he was in-between places. That was cool coz i got access to his great collection of FPS games.


Kunal Sen
Kunal Sen: Animation+ Films

Kunal Joined Srishti two years after me. He was an exceptional musician. Later on he got obsessed with animation, and now thats what he does. His animation films have this typically intense hand drawn feel to them.

Do check out some of his work.

Roy + Arati
roy and arati site image

Two of my seniors from Srishti. they married each other a while back and have now set up a studio together. Specialising in print and illustration..
and other cool stuff

Ninan Joseph
link to the site

A senior of mine from Roy's batch... the first batch of graphic designers to pass out of Srishti. Has a very destinct style, go check it out.
    Anup Parambil

Been working with anup for a few years now. He's a great guy to work with, and very dependable in a fix.

    Sharath Nair
sharath's site

Known this guy for a while, while he was at Flip. We do run into each other every so often... has mad Jedi photoshop skills!
    Nishita Kavadia

Nish is a junior from Srishti. She did a few fun projects with me and a few other friends while at stuff like short films and exhibitions.. and so after college, she joined us at Flip Design... for a few years. Now she runs the Mumbai branch of Flip. We share an addiction to downloading and watching TV shows that havn't showed or will not show in India anytime soon :) .
    Siddharth Muthyala
siddharth's site

    Sid is a junior of mine(nish's batch) from college. He did furniture design back then.. and i used to hang around the workshop a lot so we ended up working on stuff together along with a bunch of other people. he was also one of the original members of the Srishti lan-gaming crowd :D          
Other people: (these are profile pages/images on othersites):
Arvind Prabhakar,
John Francis Basteen,
Seema Seth
Ekta Manchanda,
Krupa K Thimmaiah,
Charmaine Loraine D
Nitya Rao Toshniwal ,
Ree Diwan,
Natasha Chopra
Smriti Mehra.

My other online portfolios:
this portfolio also has an online shop where you can order prints of what you see.

blog: Inaccessible is Accessible - primarily a tech(linux,psp,vista)blog, but also some views on my favourite shows or movies or games.

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